A Choice of Clocking Options

The choices boil down to biometrics, proximity (card or key fob), PC and mobile devices, such as phones, laptops and tablets. All can be mixed and matched to suit the profile of your workforce. Providing employees with on-screen feedback is essential if things are to run smoothly. For this reason all methods provide confirmation (or otherwise) that an employee’s clocking action has been successful. Likewise, we prevent illogical action, such as an employee trying to clock out when they are not yet clocked in.


Proximity Clocking

In respect of speed, proximity technology using cards and/or key fobs, is the quickest and most popular option. Employees simply need to ‘present’ their card/key fob to perform actions such as clock in/out, book to lunch, go off-site, etc. This is ideal where there are many employees clocking out at the same time. The ‘time per employee’ using this technology is typically once every couple seconds. The failure rate is zero! Most employers opt for a key fob, which employees often keep with their house/car keys.


Biometric Clocking

Biometric (finger or hand scanner) options avoid the need for cards or key fobs, but take longer to use than proximity devices. Recognition rates are very good providing you choose ‘quality’ clocking terminals. Like many things ‘quality’ relates to cost. We come across many new customers who invested in a bright and shiny £300 finger terminal only to later discard its use because of its failure rate and the frustration it caused employees. High quality readers overcome this problem and will last for years.


Hand Scanners

Hand scanners are robust units, ideal for industrial environments. They tend not to offer the same range of features as other terminals and limit options to in/out and breaks. This might well be enough, but if you have employees who go off-site during their working day and you wish to reflect this in your fire roll call (that Captureit maintains) then you will need to manage this situation manually.


Remote Clocking

Many companies use a mix of technologies, for example, PC clocking for office staff, terminals for their industrial areas and mobile devices for employees working remotely. The mobile option works with any device that can access the internet and therefore provides great flexibility. It even includes GeoLocation, which records the location of each clocking, so you can be assured that an employee was where they should have been at the time of clocking.


Fire Roll Call

Let’s not forget the importance of maintaining an accurate and up-to-date fire roll call. We can link any of our on-line clocking terminals to your fire panel, so that an up-to-date fire register prints whenever the fire alarm is activated.


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