We offer excellent, cost-effective finger technology that is secure and reliable in recording employee attendance. This is an excellent clocking in option, since it eliminates buddy clocking – it is impossible for an employee to clock in for a colleague.

To clock in an employee simply inputs their ID number then places their finger on the biometric reader, which verifies that the presented finger belongs to that employee. The whole process takes just a few seconds.

Finger registration is quick and easy, and multiple fingers per employee can be registered.

There are no human rights issues in respect of employee fingerprints. No image of the fingerprint is stored – instead the reader measures the electrical conductivity across the reader surface and translates these into a unique number. It is not possible to reverse engineer the number into any form of finger pattern or fingerprint. All very clever and totally secure.

Biometric fingerprint terminals can be used in conjunction with other forms of clocking systems, such as our proximity, PC clocking and mobile devices. This means that all employees have a wide range of options in registering their attendance.

Assuming you have a reliable network, we would recommend the use of an on-line fingerprint clocking terminal, which offers real-time attendance data and the advantage of an accurate fire register in the event of an evacuation.

If your network is unreliable, our off-line fingerprint clocking terminals are a better option, since they continue to record clockings even if your network or telephone line fails. The terminal will store all attendance data and update the Captureit software when the network connection is restored.

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