Professional Job Costing software

Capture-it Tracks Time & Costs to Help you Stay on Budget

  • Job Labour Costing

    Understanding true costs is vitally important. Capture-it puts you in the driving seat with every aspect of your job labour time & costs

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  • Activity Based Costing

    Understand your costs based on production line, work area, type of work or other metric, including non-productive activities. Remove the need for timesheets and manual recording methods.

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  • Shop Floor Data Capture

    Quick, simple and helpful for both employees and the company. Remove the guesswork and avoid those dreaded retrospective timesheets. Always up-to-date and so easy to use.

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  • Comprehensive Software

    Enjoy software that is powerful, intuitive and keeps you informed at every stage of the process. All this, plus integration with Capture-it Time & Attendance for full reconciliation of paid time with time booked on the shop floor.

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  • Management

    From your PC, understand the status of all jobs in real-time. Who is working on what right now? Measure actual job costs/times versus budgets and be alerted if either is exceeded.

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