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As the caption above shows, Captureit Job Labour Costing tells you Who worked, on What job, When, for How long and at What cost.

This vital information means that you can drill down into any job and understand how time and cost was incurred on that job.  This can then be compared to any budgets that have been set.

Jobs can be set up to include their constituent operations (or sequences). Each can have a budget time and budget cost. On the basis that different employees may have different cost rates, the relationship between time worked and cost may be affected by differing cost rates. Either way, Captureit provides you with this information and even notifies managers, by email, of over-budget situations.

The process whereby employees book to jobs and sequences is straightforward – see Shop Floor data Capture for more detail.

Of course, all costings are reliant upon employees actually booking to the correct job and/or operation. This is where the real-time aspect of Captureit comes into its own, since you always have real-time visibility on which jobs and sequences each employee is currently booked onto.

In the early days of operation, whilst employees are becoming familiar with the system, a quick walk of the shop floor allows management to check that all employees are working on the job and/or sequence that they booked themselves onto.

If there are discrepancies, these can be quickly corrected so that the time/cost booked to all jobs remains accurate, with all such amendments forming part of an audit trail.

All job clockings are subject to real-time data validation, meaning it is not possible for an employee to book to an invalid or completed job or sequence.

If requested to book to lunch the software will automatically halt the current job booking and restart it when the employee returns from lunch.  There is, therefore, no need for the employee to clock off/on the job – more time saved.

There is also the option to include codes for ‘rework’, in helping understand the true cost of all jobs.

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