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Ensuring jobs are completed on-time and within budget is an important management function, and one that cannot be achieved without accurate and timely information. Captureit provides this information so you are always abreast of the status of every job, including budget/actual times and costs.

Employees benefit also. No longer are they required to complete manual timesheets and suffer the frustration of handwriting queries or trying to remember what they did yesterday (or the days before that), or even be chased up for not submitting their timesheet at all. This really is a win-win situation for both the company and its employees.

The reasons why companies decide to install Captureit goes far beyond employee timesheets. It is fundamentally about ensuring that it enjoys profitable business, ensuring security for all involved. This can only be achieved by understanding the costs for each and every job and comparing these with original estimates.

Of course, the purpose of all information is to ensure that jobs are carried out on-time and to budget. In reality this might not always be the case. Should the time or cost incurred on any operation exceed its budget, you are immediately informed, by email so that it can be investigated.

Finally, when it comes to quoting for new work, what better method can there be than to base new estimates on the reliable knowledge of past performance. Again, Captureit provides you with the information and software required to achieve this!

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