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Captureit Job Costing software has consistently proven itself across a wide range of industries to be reliable, easy-to-use and very cost-effective.

In doing so, it records the time and cost that employees spend on individual jobs during the course of a working day. This takes place in real-time, meaning that the current status of all jobs is always understood.

There is no limit on the number of employees able to work on the same job at the same time. Nor is there a limit on the history of past jobs. This is important because when setting of budgets for new jobs you have the opportunity to reference previous, similar jobs.

Jobs can be broken down into their constituent operations – we call these sequences. Each sequence can have a budget of hours and cost. Once a sequence is complete it can be marked as such to prevent further bookings being made made to that sequence. If re-work is required, this can be booked to one or more re-work sequences, so you can identify these separately from original bookings.

Likewise, selected sequences can be allocated to named cost centres to prevent employees working in other cost centres from booking to those sequences, e.g. electrical work may only be booked by electricians.

Completed jobs are usually removed from the administrator’s view so you only see jobs that are live at that point in time. However, completed jobs can be viewed or made live again at any time.

All job costing data is available to view both on screen and via the reporting function. There is a range of reports showing both summary and detail for each job and employee.

As well as booking to current jobs, employees can also book to various non-productive activities, such as waiting for work, machine down-time, unloading, meeting and the like. This is obviously useful in measuring productivity.

Additionally, the software can be set to record, for each employee, those minutes at the start of each day when their shift has started, but they have not yet booked to a job. A few minutes here and there soon mount up and, across your workforce, can equate to a considerable, real cost over a year. Captureit helps prevent this.

Should an employee forget to make a booking, or make an incorrect booking, this can be easily corrected, such that the accurate position, across all jobs, is always reflected.

Captureit Job Costing software is supported by excellent job costing hardware, including data capture terminals, barcode guns and PC interfaces.

As you would expect, all of the above is fully integrated with Captureit Time & Attendance, meaning you always have reconciliation between paid time and productive time.

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