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The Captureit software uses Pervasive PSQL® to store its data.

Pervasive® is an ACID compliant Database Management System that supports Client-Server and Software-as-a-Service architecture.

Why do we use this Database?

Proven Reliability

Pervasive® is an evolution of the Btrieve® database and has a long lineage going back to Windows® 3.1. The basic architecture has undergone small incremental improvements since then; the current version being number 12.

Low Administration Overhead

Once Captureit is installed there is virtually no administration to be carried out with the Pervasive® database.

The database occupies a small footprint and automatically grows to accommodate your data.

You can even back up the database using a file copy whilst Captureit is running! All this reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and allows you to spend your time running your business instead of handling your IT.

Blistering Speed

The speed of Pervasive® is hard to beat; even when compared to enterprise level databases. This makes it the perfect platform to store our real time Job Costing and Time and Attendance data.

Simple Pricing

The cost of the database software is included with the Captureit software as a one-off amount. There are no additional client licenses to buy.

3rd Party Connectivity

Pervasive® has a variety of methods to allow you to connect to it from ADO.NET, OLE DB, ODBC and ActiveX. This allows ad-hoc reporting directly into Microsoft® Excel®

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