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  • Absence Management

    Understanding and managing employee absence is fundamental for any well run business. Capture-it excels in this area, for both authorised and un-authorised events, putting you firmly in control.

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  • Fire Roll Call

    Take comfort that you always have a fully up-to-date fire register showing which employees are on site. Should your fire alarm sound, Capture-it immediately prints your fire roll call to any number of printers.

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  • Link to Payroll

    Reduce the risk of errors, whilst dramatically reducing the time taken to process your payroll; from the calculation of hours to be paid to the electronic transfer of those hours into your favourite payroll system.

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  • Access Control

    Fully integrated into the core software, Capture-it Access Control helps you protect employees, equipment and property. Understand who gained access, and when, whilst preventing unauthorised access to selected areas.

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  • Flexitime

    Flexitime is a great employee benefit, but can be a nightmare to manage. Capture-it takes the administration out of managing flexitime, whilst allowing employees to view their flexitime status in helping manage their work-life balance.

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  • Remote Workers

    Whether working from home, off-site or fully mobile, Capture-it allows employees to easily record their attendance through a range of devices. With our GeoLocation feature you can even view where every clocking was made, and all in real-time.

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