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Office Dog thinks outside the box

Say hello to the new CaptureIT office dog, Rio. Incredibly cute isn’t she?

She is super cuddly and a great stress buster in the office (come on how can you be stressed looking into those eyes!).

Obviously she’s a puppy (did we mention how cute she is?) and it’s rather like having a small child in the office. She’s into everything and has no preconceptions how things work, are meant to work and what is safe to chew and not – we are having to teach her chewing cables is NOT a good idea – not that you can hold it against her (she is cute isn’t she!).

It got us thinking about how we are often trapped by our experience/habits of how to do things, and how those don’t always apply universally - we walk round the desks, Office Dog can walk under the modesty panels and surprise you with a cute little face!

When we supply professional services to customers to implement new systems it’s common for them to be trapped by their existing practices, often based on restrictions in systems long since departed (or to meet requirements that are no longer relevant) which equates to inefficient behaviours. Those behaviours can be replaced and improved upon, often a new eye and professional experience can provide value by assisting in seeing new ways to view the environment and benefit from it.

While our consultants can help clients to see their businesses in a new ways we do have to admit they aren’t nearly as cute as Office Dog!

If you could do with a fresh pair of eyes reviewing your systems, call us now on 01782 812767