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Office Dog gets a treat

Office Dog – currently Home Office Dog - is very cute, but like all pets needs to be trained what to do and what not to do; fortunately, Office Dog is easily bribed with treats, unfortunately ‘NO!’ doesn’t work quite as well!

It’s all too easy to give Office Dog treats when those big eyes are looking at you going ‘go on you know you will feel sooooooo good when you give me treats’ – a diet may soon be in order!

The trick, of course, is to reinforce good behaviour by rewarding it and ‘punish’ bad behaviour by withholding the treats so Office Dog wants to be rewarded and behaves to please and get the reward. The problem is making sure you reward the behaviour promptly so it’s understood why it is being received (and withhold it promptly so the ‘punishment’ is understood to relate to the ‘crime’...even if it’s difficult to punish such a cute face and puppy dog eyes).

It’s a strategy we are all familiar with professionally and is intrinsic in one way or another to good people management. We regularly see clients benefitting from using CaptureIT to proactively identify issues to do with managing attendance and reward good timekeeping with interesting and fun schemes, and to trigger best practice HR processes to monitor and deal with absence/attendance issues – not that we are suggesting employees are half as cute as Office Dog – or can be bribed with dog treats (one or two of our consultants may be bribed with Coffee Cake however, but don’t tell the boss!!)

In these unprecedented times this is perhaps all the more useful. As many people are now working from home, how do you monitor their workload, and punctuality.

Without the need for a commute, time keeping should be better than ever. This should continue to be rewarded but how do you reward the workforce when you can’t see what they’re doing and where they are?

So, what are your options for managing your workforce remotely?

The Remote Clocking Utility

This is installed on a PC and allows clocking in and out, to lunch, to jobs and to see “who’s in” – perfect for users using VPN into a company network whilst
working from home.

The Web Remote Clocking Utility

This web site delivered feature can be accessed either Extra or Intranet based, no PC install is required.

This has the same functionality as the Remote Clocking Utility – perhaps better suited to the larger organisation where installing on a lot of clients is not desirable, or in an environment where colleagues are using their own devices.

The Mobile Clocking Utility

This web site delivered feature can be accessed either Extra or Intranet based, no device install is required.

The MCU has much the same functionality as the Remote Clocking Utility (who’s in and some reporting is not available) – perfect for clocking from mobile phones.

The clocking’s can be geo-located so you can see (on a map) where they were made from.

If you want to learn more about how our great time management system can help keep your workforce on track, visit https://time-attendance.co.uk/ or give us a call on 0800 288 8632.