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Self-servicing remotely

How do you manage your workforce when they can’t approach you to ask for permissions?

Our self-service function allows all requests to be made digitally and sent directly to a line manager, so that they can approve/reject relevant requests from the comfort and safety of their own home.

Self Service*

This Internet/Intranet delivered feature supports a whole raft of sophisticated functions:

  • Absence requests and approval workflows.

Configurable to include Sickness, Absence and Holidays.

In the current situation this could include a set of absence types for ‘COVID 19 – Isolating’, ‘COVID 19 – Pregnancy’, ‘COVID 19 – Age/health’ – these could either be self-approved, or set to require various approval flows (naturally this is fully integrated into CaptureIT and any payroll export you may have from CaptureIT).

Annual leave/Family Leave/Unpaid Leave etc. are intrinsic to this functionality - for shop-floor based businesses this could help to stop a ‘paper trail’ that could become a viral pathway through a business.

  • Timesheet amendment requests and workflows.

Employees can request timesheet alterations (or even create days) and then have the changes approved or declined by their manager. This is beneficial for staff and managers who are home based temporarily and again could help to stop that paper trail.

  • Clocking in/out and to lunch

Employees can clock in out and to lunch from inside the same self-service screen, handy for home-based employees.

All this functionality is integrated to your email system so that managers are notified when Absence/Timesheet requests exist, and they log into the self-service to approve or decline them – employees are notified by email when a request changes status.

The process is all web based and managers do not have to be CaptureIT Administrators.

If exposed on the Internet managers and employees can perform all of the above from any web browser – perfect for home-based working.

*requires CaptureIT v5

If you’re interested in setting up for home working call us on 0800 288 8632 or email info@vizualms.co.uk