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Why is time management important for business success?

Time management is crucial for ensuring your business runs like a well-oiled machine. It helps employees to produce and deliver work to set deadlines and standards.

If you plan and control the available time within your business you’ll experience increased productivity and efficiency, plus your workforce will:

  • Deliver better quality work!
  • Hit deadlines more often!
  • Feel reduced workplace stress!
  • Experience improved work-life balance!

When you successfully implement a time management solution, your business will be able to take on new opportunities. This will then allow you to grow in a sustainable way without overwhelming your workforce.

For many people, learning and developing effective time management skills can be difficult without the right support. A time and attendance solution such as Captureit will ensure that your team can seamlessly monitor their time and record tasks, even when they are working remotely.

Our Captureit solution can be tailored to suit your business needs, allowing you to easily monitor all your people using one solution.

Your software package can be implemented to include features such as:

  • Monitoring holidays, absence and sickness
  • An automatic fire register
  • Automatic overtime calculations
  • Payroll integration
  • Job labour cost monitoring
  • Access control
  • Flexitime management
  • Bradford factor calculations
  • Reporting
  • Clocking methods - biometric, mobile and web
  • Self-service holiday booking

Also, our new online self-service portal means employees can easily manage holidays, timesheet amendments, clockings and flexitime whether working remotely or in the office. All they need is an internet connection and smartphone or laptop!

Fun fact... our system allows you to set up notifications, like when an employee clocks into work on their birthday, helping you to improve employee morale by adding a personal touch with a birthday message.

If you are ready to experience enhanced productivity, faster reporting and improved time management, book a FREE virtual demonstration of Captureit V5 with self-service portal at https://www.time-attendance.co.uk/BookDemo or call 0800 288 8632.