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Meet Capture it’s longest standing experts

Capture it has provided businesses with high-quality employee management solutions for almost 25 years. Offering a consultative rather than sales-driven approach and providing a ‘best-fit policy’ to its customers, Capture it has developed a loyal customer base. These strong partnerships are highly influenced by a dedicated and passionate team of experts. Their many years of experience offer a solid foundation of industry knowledge, expertise in the products and enthusiasm for ‘getting it right’.

Longstanding team members, Patrick Williamson, Zillen Wong and Alan Evans all have a crucial role within the business. Whether that be through generating sales, technical support, understanding bespoke customer requirements or product installation.

Let’s meet them.

Patrick Williamson started his journey over 22 years ago when he joined the sales team. Not satisfied with just selling products, Patrick quickly became interested in all things ‘under the bonnet’. He rapidly learnt all that the Time and Attendance and Job Costing system could deliver and, as importantly, what it couldn’t. Coming from a software development background for a similar product, Patrick was able to suggest product improvements and solve problems for prospective and current customers. His valuable experience helped customers to improve processes and save many hours per week, whether it be through tweaks to their current set up or bespoke development.

Throughout the years working alongside the development team and customers Patrick has gained extensive experience in HR, Payroll and ERP systems. As Patrick says, “Rather than simply thinking about the product, our HR, Payroll, legal and IT expertise sets us apart from the rest when it comes to competitors. Instead of selling the Capture it solution for transactional value, we understand the requirements for implementing the product. Ultimately, we’re always thinking about greater integration and creating a strong customer partnership.”

Coming almost full circle, Director Patrick now uses his abundance of technical and industry knowledge in his day-to-day duties speaking to customers. He is also a key contributor to the development of Capture it’s future, being heavily involved in the specification of upcoming, exciting versions!

Looking for a change in direction from his chemical engineering background, Technical Consultant, Zillen Wong joined the Capture it team over 21 years ago. Thrown into the deep end of the support desk, Zillen worked closely with the development team to gain in-depth knowledge of the products. Loving all things technical and IT-related, Zillen soon became an expert on the support desk and responsible for training any new staff members. Over the years he has trained many support desk agents and played a key part in training an Indian support team and setting up the UK support desk when it was brought back in-house. He now also provides personalised reporting and customised functionality of the product directly to the customer base.

Working with customers and their IT teams daily, both on-site and remotely, gives Zillen a very varied day. Keeping up to date with technical improvements in operating systems, database products, networking and hardware changes keeps him on his toes.

Reflecting on his experience, Zillen commented: “If a customer requires workplace software, we have a broad understanding of how Capture it works in the real world. We also have knowledge of what’s worked for other clients, which means we know which questions to ask to get them up and running as fast as possible. We have a deep understanding of the possibilities available, allowing us to fine-tune a customer’s idea and bring it to life.”

Working alongside Patrick and the development team, Zillen is also a key contributor to the future of Capture it. His fine eye for detail benefits his involvement in the specification and testing of new products.

One of the longest-serving members of the Capture it team is hardware installation engineer, Alan Evans. Prior to his 23 years of employment, he worked with the team on a self-employed basis, putting in some of the first, (and still existing!), customer sites. Installing thousands of terminals in locations all over the UK, Ireland and Europe has kept Alan busy! Although hardware installation and cabling have changed over the years, Alan’s attention to detail ensures that customers always receive an attractive, high-quality installation that has been well thought out.

Alan commented, “My role includes site surveys, planning and specification. I install hardware for clocking, job-costing, access control and fire panel linking. My many years of experience means that I understand what works and what doesn’t, so I can suggest the most effective product location for our clients.”

Alan has great knowledge of the terminal types and hardware used for Capture it. He also has the skills to repair them if they have been damaged. “Our choice of high-quality durable terminals means that they are robust and rarely go wrong. If they do get damaged by disgruntled employees or an errant forklift truck, I have the knowledge and parts to repair them!” adds Alan.

Capture it’s outstanding employee retention has a positive influence on customer relationships. It provides an unusual continuity, both technical and in terms of account management. Patrick’s, Zillen’s and Alan’s long service brings a depth of knowledge and history of the clients to the wider team to help build and maintain strong relationships.

Capture it offers its users many time-saving functions, including Time & Attendance, Absence Management, Employee Self-Service, Flexitime Monitoring, Access Control, Evacuation Roll Call, Visitor/Contractor Management, Payroll – MRP – HR Links and Job Costing.

In addition to working for many clients straight “out of the box”, Capture it offers a wide range of customisation to satisfy customer-driven requirements. Patrick commented: “Other players in the marketplace do not offer the potential functionality that Capture it does. We provide tailored multifunctional software at a level, price, and with service that cannot be attained anywhere else. Our diverse client base over a range of market sectors and sizes, (1 to 5000 employees), speaks volumes for itself”.

Led by time-served industry experts, Capture it offers an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for managing simple or complex business rules.

To experience enhanced productivity, reduced administration costs and improved process and management, Book a demonstration of Capture it V5 by visiting https://time-attendance.co.uk/bookdemo or calling 0800 288 8632.