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Every step of the way

Today’s post is going to focus primarily on our company; Vizual Management Solutions and it’s approach to every new enquiry. Despite risking sounding somewhat self congratulatory, we feel it’s important to understand that the approach to implementing a great time and attendance system (or indeed, any important project) is equally as important as the product itself. Our aim is to make sure that every customer is getting the absolute most out of our Captureit system. To ensure this, we have a 4-phased approach to ensure we provide you with the best time and attendance system which will serve you well for years to come.


The initial enquiry stage is obviously the first chance you get to let us know what your requirements are. We often go into more detail than other companies during this first stage of inquiry, but it’s important for making sure we can in fact provide you with a first rate solution. We’re not interested in quickly selling you a system for a quick profit; we want to provide you with an ongoing solution that you’ll use for many years. For that reason, we abide by a “Best Fit Policy.” It doesn’t happen often but If, for any reason, we cannot offer a system that precisely meets your needs, we will tell you and withdraw gracefully. (We find this is preferable to selling you an incompatible system for your requirements, resulting in you becoming an unhappy customer which in turns makes us unhappy because you’ll be complaining to us all the time!)


We always provide new prospects with a live demonstration of the Captureit system. It’s important that you know exactly what you’re getting for your money, and so this presentation enables us to show you everything that the Captureit system has to offer. We can provide this presentation by either visiting you onsite and showing you the system in person, or alternatively, we are able to do a live web-based demonstration, where we can show you the Captureit system in real-time over the internet. This is the ideal time to ask lots of questions and explore the entire system and all its features. In turn, this enables you to make a proper, informed decision on whether the Captureit system is right for you. Ultimately, if you decide that Captureit is not for you, then there’s no obligations attached to taking the demonstration, and we’ll part ways. We won’t make you feel guilty and we’ll leave you alone… we promise!


We don’t just cut all communication with you once you’ve purchased the system from us. After our experienced technicians have professionally installed all hardware and software, and ensured that everything is working as it should, your first step to using your brand new Captureit system is an indepth training session. All training is carried out on your premises using your system and is conducted by one of our training specialists who will show you how to use all the features of your Captureit system. We ensure that all key personnel who will be using the time and attendance system are educated in using the software effectively so you can start using it straight away. There’s not much point in having a great time and attendance system if no one knows how to use it properly. Therefore, we take training seriously and dedicate the time needed for it appropriately.


We offer continual support throughout the entire time you have the Captureit system. Support gives you access to our team of support professionals who can help with any technical and operational questions or problems you may have. Our support team can also remotely access your Captureit system if needed in order to fully understand the issue and remedy the problem if possible. Ongoing registration to our support service is a great way of ensuring you’re always getting the most out of your time and attendance system, and that your system is kept in great working order no matter how many years go by since purchase.