Captureit can be customised to suit whatever needs you may have via Script Writing, Add-in Creation and full custom application development.



Captureit comes with a built-in macro language for fine-tuning complex payment schemes. Scripts can be used to customise the behaviour of the software based on your own requirements, for example to calculate complex bonus payments or complicated shift pay rules. Most customers ask us to write scripts on their behalf, some with programming ability prefer to add their own.



All reports supplied with Captureit are written using the industry standard Crystal Reports© and can be modified to suit your individual needs. In addition to the standard format, reports can be output in a range of formats, such as Excel, PDF and Word.

You are free to modify and create your own reports with no additional charge, but you must have a copy of Crystal Reports© installed in order to do this.


Developers Kit and API

Available for a one-off fee is the Captureit Developer’s Kit. This allows developers to write their own software including TCP/IP, COM and WCF. There are also .NET classes to allow you to access the data directly in your applications.

How it’s set up


For further information on the technical requirements for running Captureit please click here.

How it Works

How it works

The Captureit software uses the leading Actian Zen Embedded Database© (Pervasive PSQL©) to store its data.

Actian Zen Embedded database features

  • Reliable
  • Small-footprint
  • Low-maintenance
  • High-performance
  • Zero DBA design
  • VM Live Migration capability in VMware and Hyper V environments

For more details visit the Actian website.