These are very robust devices that perform well in ‘dirty’ environments. They work by measuring (in three dimensions) hand bulk, palm width and finger dimensions, which vary significantly between individuals.


Our Hand Scanner technology is an affordable and accurate way of monitoring employee attendance using biometric technology. The hand scanner is especially suited in ‘dirty’ environments where finger technology may not be appropriate.

This technology eliminates buddy clocking. As per the fingerprint option, no personal data is recorded, meaning there are no confidentiality or human rights issues.

How does this work? – The hand scanner scans a three-dimensional image of the hand and measures hand bulk, finger thickness, shape and size – in fact, over 90 individual measurements. The resultant 3D image is converted into a mathematical value known as a binary code. This code is stored within the clocking machine and whenever an employee clocks the binary code is compared with the one previously stored.

The process is simple and starts with the employee entering their employee number.  They are then prompted to indicate if they are clocking in or out, after which they place their hand on the reading surface – verification takes less than a second. It is one of the most reliable methods of monitoring employee attendance and is consistently accurate. As per other biometric options, it is impossible for employees to clock in for someone else.

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