Using any Smartphone, employees can now make clockings to record their attendance and other activities. Most customers opt for the GeoLocation feature that records the location of each clocking. This is useful for many reasons, from ensuring an employee was on-site at the expected times, to being able to understanding the travel and on-site activity of employees visiting several sites in the day.


Mobile Clocking is the perfect solution for businesses that need to record the attendance of employees who work off-site. In cases where employees are hourly paid, this removes any possible inaccuracy of timesheets and associated costs. In conjunction with Captureit’s GeoLocation feature you will enjoy the certainty of employee times and locations.

The system is web based and enables employees to register their attendance from any internet enabled device. This includes Smartphones (Android, iPhone or Windows); a Tablet such as an iPad, Surface or Galaxy; or a Laptop computer.

Employees can use Mobile Clocking to register their start time, clock to breaks and lunch, clock onto jobs and register their finish time. They can also clock for specific tasks, such as “travelling.” The mobile clocking interface is easy-to-use and includes the option of an employee password.

The system includes Google GeoLocation. This feature provides a physical location on an interactive map so that you know where all clockings were made. Each map location includes the address of the clocking. This is an ideal solution for employees who might be working alone or visiting client premises remotely. When working on client premises the system can be used to provide confirmation to your client of the times when your employees were working on-site.

Mobile Clocking can be used in conjunction with all other on-line technologies, such as biometric terminals, proximity clocking and PC based clocking. This means, for example, that an employee could clock into work off-site and then later clock out at a company location, or vice versa.

It is also possible for employees to book time to multiple activities or jobs from their mobile device when using the optional Job Costing module.

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