If you are using a works order or ERP/MRP system there is no need to manually create orders in Capture-it. Instead, our integration capability will do this for you.

Then, as employees make job bookings, the time and cost for each job is automatically passed back into your main system. Fast, efficient and accurate.


In the manufacturing environment most companies already use a system to enter new works orders and then allocate materials and labour costs against these orders, often with budgets.

Whilst the control of materials costs is usually straightforward, collating labour costs for works order can be a challenge.

However, using the Captureit Job Labour Costing module the collation of job bookings is simply a bi-product of employees booking to jobs – see Job Labour Costing and Shop Floor Data Capture.

Integration with your host works order or ERP/MRP system is bi-directionally, and means there is no duplication of data entry, plus no risk of keying errors.

Our integration technology is flexible and provides customisation with your existing ERP/MRP configuration, irrespective of the system in use.

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