SFDC is part of Captureit’s Job Labour Costing module and is an effective method for employees to record the jobs/operations they work on. The usual method of doing so is by the use of bar-coded routing cards, which can be produced by Captureit or your manufacturing software.

The process is quick, simple and accurate and relieves employees from the task of completing manual time-sheets. Any operations that exceed budget are reported by email, whilst error checking ensures that operations that have been ‘completed’ cannot be booked to inadvertently.


The shop floor is the bedrock of any manufacturing business. It is always a busy environment and one where employees’ attention to costings may, sometimes, takes second place to the task of ‘manufacture’.

It is vital, therefore, that the task of recording job labour costs is simple and straightforward.  This is something at which Captureit excels.

Such recording is achieved in a number of ways, with the most common being the use of bar-coded job (routing) cards. These are printed by the Captureit software and are usually placed next to one or more dedicated job costing terminals.

To make a job booking, the employee simply identifies them self and scans the appropriate bar code. This has the effect of taking the employee off their current job/activity and placing them onto the new job/activity. Unlike some systems, the employee does not have to clock off one job when wishing to clock to another.  This makes the process extremely efficient and means that the time taken to book from one job to the next is typically just a couple of seconds.

Employees can also book to non-productive activities, such as downtime, waiting for work and the like.

In cases where there is a high throughput of jobs, it might not be practical to provide a dedicated routing card per job. In these cases, there are two options.

The first option is to provide (usually next to the terminal) a list of standard job operations, alongside a list of current ‘live’ jobs. In this scenario, the employee simply swipes to the job, followed by the operation – all very straightforward.

The second option is for the employee to enter the job and operation number through the job costing terminal keypad. Again, this is quick and simple and enjoys validation of the data to ensure that both the job and operation number are valid.

Apart from the secure knowledge of accurate data capture, you enjoy the benefit of more productive time, since employees no longer spend time completing timesheets (often a retrospective activity!)

Finally, should an employee forget to make a booking or make an incorrect booking it is very simple for an administrator to make the correction, for which an audit trail is maintained.

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