If you are an IT Manager, a Developer or just someone who is interested in the technology behind our solution then this section will be of interest to you.

If you are non-technical or have no IT staff, then one of our Technical Consultants will oversee your project and help you through all aspects of your installation.


The software has modest hardware requirements by modern standards meaning that most new customers do not have any additional hardware expense when installing Captureit. Click here to see detailed requirements.


Captureit can be customised by using its very own easy to use built-in scripting engine. These scripts allow for extremely powerful control of how your data is manipulated.


We use an industry standard Pervasive database. This database has a small disk footprint and is exceptionally fast with very little administration required, making the whole installation and ongoing maintenance straightforward.

The database supports a range of connection options including ADO.NET and ODBC allowing you to hook directly into the data if required.

Third-Party Development

The software supports a variety of software interfaces to allow third party developers to work seamlessly with other systems. This means that as your business grows and your requirements change, the software can evolve with you.

We even have a developer’s reference manual detailing all the methods, properties and events available with sample code. Not many of our competitors can say that!


During a typical install, we will install the Captureit Server software, Web Server (if required) and Database on the same machine (physical or virtual). Clients then connect directly to this application server. You can see a schematic of this architecture here. You can also distribute the roles onto separate machines if required.

Import and Export

We support a wide variety of data import and export options including Excel, CSV, XML and Text Files.

Included in the software, as standard, are import and export wizards that allow you to save an import or export template to be used multiple times. You can even write your own scripts to fine tune import or export data rules that are specific to your business.

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