Time & Attendance

Irrespective of your type of workforce or your business rules, Captureit will be an invaluable asset.

It’s important to recognise that Captureit is not just about clocking times – instead, it is focused on helping you better manage your workforce, which is almost certainly your single biggest expense.

If your employees are salaried, paid by the hour or a mix of the two, Captureit will ensure you understand who worked, at what times and what happened that you should know about.


Absence Management

Concerning your working patterns; be they simple office hours, complex shift patterns or flexible working, Captureit will take the strain to help you accurately calculate what employees should be paid or credited. This includes overtime calculations and employees working flexitime.

Added to this there are individual employee and department calendars that help you plan holidays and other absences, whilst our suite of reports means understanding attendance is just a click away. In terms of administration, you have the choice of this being centralised or delegated to line managers. Many customers start with the former and move to the latter.


Different Clocking Options

When it comes to making clockings, you have the choice of a wide range of technologies including biometric, proximity and web-based options. Remote based employees can clock using mobile phones, laptops or tablets. If using a mobile you even know where an employee was at the time of clocking by using our GeoLocation feature.

Clockings are recorded and reported in real-time. This means you find out about events, such as lateness and return to work (after absence), as they happen. No more waiting for days to react to such events.


Link to Payroll

When it comes to payroll, Captureit will provide your payroll team with the information they require. Basic and overtime hours (plus any extras) will have been calculated automatically, whilst our PayLink feature will electronically import this information into your payroll software, saving time and avoiding the risk of keying errors.


Built-in Bradford Factor

A particularly important aspect of workforce management is understanding absenteeism, especially when it is unplanned or random. Built into Captureit is the Bradford Factor, which is recognised by the HR community as an excellent method for spotting employees with a history of regular short-term absences.


Automatic Fire Roll Call

To aid in employee safety, you can rely on Captureit to provide you with an accurate real-time fire register. Our engineer will link your fire panel into Captureit so that, when the alarm sounds, you can be assured that multiple copies of your fire roll call will be printed – instantly. You even have the option to send the roll call to portable devices.


Access Control

Considering employee safety, Captureit includes integrated Access Control. This helps secure employees and property by only allowing access to authorised persons. This feature extends beyond just doors to include turnstiles, barriers and the like.


Vizual – You’re in Safe Hands

Finally, be assured that you will be in good company. Captureit is used by a wide range of business types and industries, with employee numbers from as few as 20 to over 1,000. All enjoy the same experience of excellent software, reliable hardware and first-rate support.


Captureit offers a great solution for your Time & Attendance needs.

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