It is fact that the single biggest cost to U.K. Industry is ‘absence’, whether this be authorised or otherwise. Minimising absence, especially unauthorised sickness, relies on accurate information so you can react accordingly. Evidence clearly shows that companies with a pro-active approach, based on evidence and swift action, have the lowest levels of absenteeism. Captureit provides you with the information you require, including automatic emails when key events occur, e.g. ‘employee is absent’ and ‘employee has now returned from absence’, so your management of such situations is timely and appropriate.

Finally, when it comes to measuring absence, Captureit supports the Bradford Factor, which is an excellent way to help manage and improve absence behaviour.


Amongst the more fundamental requirements of any well run business is managing and reducing the cost and disruption associated with employee absence, especially when it is unplanned and random. This is an area in which Captureit excels in helping you reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

Absence takes many forms, from planned events, such as holidays, to unplanned absences, such as ad-hoc sick days. In managing such absence you require a reliable system that accurately records these events, backed up by effective reporting and alerts of errant behaviour.

In Captureit, each employee has their own Attendance Calendar, which is colour-coded for easy reading. The calendar can be filtered by absence type, meaning that you will find it easy to spot absence trends. All days can include notes, so that reasons for absence can be recorded.

Whilst the most common absence types are included as standard, you can create new types as required, with popular examples being training courses, medical appointments, maternity and compassionate leave. Bookings can be made historically and into the future.

All absences can be set for full and part-days, hours or a combination of these. Captureit keeps track of each employee’s remaining holiday and other entitlements, and can prevent bookings that exceed the agreed allowance.

When viewing absence there are options to view each employee’s calendar on a ‘Jan – Dec’, ‘Holiday Year’ or ‘Rolling 12 Month’ basis. Data is never deleted, meaning you can look back at an employee’s absence and attendance record for any period. This can be especially useful when carrying out appraisals or when a former employee wishes to re-join you.

When an employee returns from unexpected absence or sickness, Captureit can alert you via email and, if required, also create a prompt to remind you to carry out a return-to-work interview. Administration users can easily check on the status of such events to ensure that line managers are carrying these out in line with company policy.

Departmental Calendar

In addition to managing holidays and absence for individuals, Captureit also includes a Departmental Planner. This shows the attendance and other bookings for all employees in the selected department (or the entire company) including future bookings. As such it is a very useful tool for managers and makes it really easy to decide whether an employee can book their preferred dates.

Peer Groups

When booking any form of absence, including holidays, Captureit can check that you will not be short of key skills on the selected date(s). This is known as our Peer Groups feature and allows employees with key skills or responsibilities to be grouped together. By assigning required numbers to each group you will then be alerted if a planned booking would result in there being a shortage for that group. Examples of how customers use this feature include Fire Marshalls, First Aiders, Key Holders and the like.

Bradford Factor

Measuring absence is a key business metric. To assist with this, we have built into Captureit the Bradford Factor, which is a recognised method of measuring employee absence. Its use enables you to spot possible absenteeism issues before they get out of hand, so that action can be taken to remedy the problem. The section on the Bradford Factor explains this in more detail.

Finally, employees clocking in using our PC based option have the added benefit of being able to view their own attendance calendar and allowances positions.

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