Whether it is securing a main entrance, controlling a barrier or securing the server room, Captureit provides this, including 1) full integration with Time & Attendance, 2) use of the same card or key fob for all functions, and 3) an audit trail of who accessed which door. Timed zones can be set and access customised so that only authorised persons gain access to specified locations.

If you already have an access control system, then the good news is that it is likely you will be able to use your existing cards or key fobs with our clocking terminals.


Making sure you protect employees, equipment and property, by restricting access to agreed areas, reduces risk and prevents business disruption. A good Access Control System, such as that provided by Captureit, will help you meet this objective and provide you with an impressive return on investment.

Access Control is built into Captureit as a standard feature and allows employees to use the same proximity cards and/or key fobs as they do for clocking in and out.

The door access system can be configured with specific access rights, on both an individual and group level, to which areas employees are permitted to access, including the option of the times of day. For example, access to a smoking area could be limited to break times, or the main company entrance could be restricted during twilight hours.

Employees gain access using either a key fob or proximity card. Every instance of access is recorded against that employee. This is especially useful when it comes to identifying late employees who choose to ‘forget to clock in’ when trying to disguise the fact they were late. By checking their employee record, you will be able to see what time they first accessed your building. This is also good when employees arrive on time, but genuinely forget to clock in.

Our access control readers are reliable and secure, and cannot be tampered with from the outside. They work equally well, indoors and outdoors.

The system operates with a wide range of lock types to suit individual circumstances, with magnetic locks being the most popular. In all cases, an emergency break glass will be fitted as a safety feature in the event of a fire. Most customers use an access reader when gaining access, with a ‘push to exit’ button on the ‘safe side,’ although in/out readers remain an option. As part of our discussion with you we cover whether the lock needs to be ‘fail safe’ or ‘fail secure’, which determines its behaviour in the case of power loss.

Many of our customers use Captureit access control with turnstiles and traffic barriers. We can advise on this. If you currently have one installed or will be installing one at the same time as our access control, we will work closely with your supplier to ensure your installation is professionally handled and integrated properly.

In keeping down costs, the system works over your existing Ethernet network. There are options to provide battery back-ups so that doors continue to operate normally in the event of power loss.

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