If you would like employees to book to lunch the process must be simple and fool proof. Most companies do not require employees to book to lunch unless they are going off-site (for fire register purposes). However, if employees are allowed a ‘flexible lunch’, such as with flexitime, then booking to lunch will be mandatory, with Captureit informing you if an employee forgets.

All options are supported, including warnings of employees booking ‘long lunches.’


Companies vary enormously in the way in which they ask employees to book to lunch. Captureit covers all options.

Assumed Lunch

The most popular option is where lunch is ‘assumed’.  In this scenario, Captureit automatically inserts lunch on behalf of the employee – simple and straightforward.  One twist to this is that if employees have the option of going off-site at lunchtime you might ask them to record this fact for fire roll call purposes.

In such cases employees would clock for lunch when leaving site and again when returning.  In this scenario ‘lunch’ would be set to be an ‘off-site activity’.  This allows Captureit to then maintain an accurate fire roll call.  Note, an employee returning from lunch prior to their ‘lunch end’ time would have their lunch period automatically extended to their standard lunch length.

Flexible Lunch

This might be where there are no fixed start and finish times, but you do wish employees to clock for lunch to ensure that the lunch length is not exceeded.  Captureit will extend the employee’s lunch length if they clock back early. See section below in respect of ‘Lunch Too Long.’

Automatic Lunch Start

Some companies (with a fixed lunch start time) set Captureit so that employees are automatically placed on lunch at the start of the lunch period, but are then required to later clock back from lunch.  This approach means that employees save time by not needing to go to the clocking terminal at the start of lunch, but will be required to clock back later to show they did not take a long lunch.

Lunch Too Long

Should an employee take an extended lunch there are two options.  The first is simply to accept the extended lunch return time, whilst the second is to ‘round the lunch’ in line with a rounding rule.  The most common rule ‘rounds’ to 15 minutes.  This means that an employee will have their return rounded to the next 15 minute interval, i.e. late back at 12:35 would result in lunch being rounded to 12:45.

Bells & Buzzers

Captureit can sound bells and buzzers at pre-determined times.  This is excellent when you have fixed lunch periods since you might wish to sound a bell/buzzer at the start of lunch and perhaps a five minute reminder at the end.  This feature is not limited to lunch times and is used by many customers for other events during the day.

Unlike many stand-alone devices, Captureit bells and buzzers will always keep ‘perfect time’ – there’s no drifting.  This is because they will be connected (by our engineer) to one of the Captureit clocking terminals, which, as part of your network will be using the correct time. This is also the reason why Captureit terminals always display the ‘correct time.’

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