For employees, using a computerised system is a good thing. Why? Hourly paid workers will know that their overtime will not be missed and that their pay is accurate; holiday bookings are always up to date to prevent conflicts; no more filling in of time sheets or on/off site sheets; they are listed ‘on the fire register’; that colleague with a lax manager is now correctly recorded when arriving late.

The honest employee will embrace Captureit, whilst those trying to take advantage will soon be identified.


It’s not just managers and business owners who find Captureit beneficial – employees love it too. Although at first glance, the introduction of an employee attendance system may seem to some that they are being monitored and tracked due to trust issues, this is not the case and the benefits for employees quickly become apparent.

For example, there are fewer frustrations for employees than to discover that the overtime they worked has not been paid because of inaccurate records, or that it had not been ‘signed off’ by their line manager. Likewise, being told that a booked holiday has been rescinded because other staff with similar skills will not be available that day, does little to help morale. Captureit helps you overcome these challenges in so many ways, including its use of the excellent Peer Groups feature that tracks the availability of staff with key skills in the future.

Another aspect, that many companies do not consider, is that of ‘equality of treatment’ across their workforce. A good employee Time & Attendance system can really help here. We come across many instances where Line Manager A is far more lenient with their employees than Line Manager B, who enforces company policy correctly. Using Captureit, an employee who arrives late is marked as ‘late’, irrespective of their relationship with their line manager. Likewise, reaching a company threshold in terms of their number of absences will be reported, irrespective of other factors. Equality of treatment, means fair treatment for all.

This does not mean that companies cannot apply flexibility with events, such as medical appointments and short-notice family events. All are easily recorded, including supporting notes. If an employee agrees to work back time to cover such events, this will be recorded accurately and transparently, so that all members of the workforce are seen to be treated equally.

When it comes to holidays and other absence bookings, an employee’s personal Attendance Calendar always shows the days and times when that employee is scheduled to work in the future. This is an excellent feature for use when planning holidays, since employees and managers can view this, in advance, to ensure there are no conflicts with other employees.

In addition to the calendar, each employee’s holiday allowances position is always up to date and accessible to any administrator. This means that queries can be answered locally, instead of stacking up with the HR or finance team.

Employees who work flexitime can rest assured that Captureit will be keeping an accurate record of all their hours worked. Likewise, if there is a policy in place whereby employees can accrue hours, to be later taken as flexi-leave, then Captureit will record these accurately and show what has been accrued and what has been booked or taken. Employees licenced to use the Desktop Interface feature can even check this for themselves.

Finally, employees enjoy the knowledge that their on/off-site status is known at all times, meaning they will be correctly considered should a Fire Roll Call be required. This includes employees who have clocked into work and then leave the premises to work away from the office, visit clients, etc.

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