There is no issue more important than employee safety. Captureit’s Fire Roll Call feature means that all employees and the company can be assured that employees’ on/off site status is always fully up-to-date.

When the fire alarm sounds Captureit will instantly print out details of all employees on-site (and those who have temporarily gone off-site). The system even works across multiple locations and takes account of employees moving between locations.


The Captureit Fire Roll Call is a great health and safety feature, and assists companies with their Duty of Care towards their employees. It also proves that you are serious about complying with the Fire Safety Order.

As such, a comprehensive Fire Roll Call (often also called a Fire Register) is built into Captureit as standard. This shows, by department, all employees who are clocked in and their current on/off site status. If you have a suitable fire panel, then a connection between this and any on-line clocking terminal means that the process of printing out the roll call will be automatic. If you do not have a fire panel, then it is simply a case of entering ‘999’ via the terminal keypad, or clicking an icon that we provide, on any PC desktop.

The Fire Roll Call prints instantly and can be directed to any number of printers (which we always recommend). It is then simply a case of each fire marshal collecting a copy on their way out of the building. You have the option of using a dedicated fire roll call printer, but most customers choose to send the roll call to multiple printers around their premises, making it a certainty that copies will always be available.

You also have the option of sending the roll call to several email addresses (for example, your fire wardens, or line managers). All that is required is a mobile device that is connected to the internet, such as a mobile phone or tablet.

For businesses with larger sites or multiple locations, our Enhanced Fire Roll Call can be customised to show data for individual sites, departments, last clocking terminal used and other criteria. This can be especially useful when employees move between sites and where it would be useful to know the location of the last clocking terminal used by each employee.

Employees leaving site during the working day can play havoc with understanding who is actually on-site. Captureit solves this problem in a number of ways. One is that each on-line terminal has a dedicated ‘off-site’ button. An employee simply presses this when going off-site (and presses again, when later returning). This option has the advantage of not requiring the employee to clock out (as if they were leaving for the day) and therefore keeps them clocked in for attendance calculation purposes. If employees are not required to clock for lunch, then a second option is to ask employees leaving site (at lunchtime) to press the dedicated lunch button. This would have the effect of booking that employee to an ‘off-site lunch’. It also has the advantage of identifying the employees who then may take a ‘long lunch’.

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