Our Promises

We will be open and transparent with you at every stage, both pre and post-sale.
We will work hard to understand your business objectives so that we can provide the right solution, not just any solution.
The people you deal with will always make recommendations that are best for you, as opposed to trying to optimise our revenue. Our aim is to prepare for a long term relationship in which you become a highly satisfied customer.
There are no contracts that tie you into ongoing licence or support fees. If you wish to cease your support contract you can, although very few customers do, such is the value they receive.
If you have an issue, we will work with you to sort it, even if that issue was not of our making.


We employ a first-rate team of time-served IT and Workforce Management professionals and have an impressive staff retention rate. This helps ensure our customers receive excellent continuity of service, from people they know and who are highly knowledgeable in their field.

Best Fit Policy

If during the course of our discussions, we come to the conclusion that Captureit is not a good fit with your requirements, we will tell you this and retire gracefully.  This does not happen very often, but when it does we are honest, rather than risk you going ahead and then not delivering to your expectations.


We operate a consultative, rather than sales-driven approach. By listening intently to your individual requirements, and then offering advice that also takes into account the experiences of other customers, we provide a service that matches delivery with agreed expectations.


Having understood your outline requirements we will create presentation data that reflects these requirements, as opposed to showing you a generic set of data.  This means that you get a very good feel of how your system might operate in practice.  If you have an hourly paid workforce that is what we will show you, if you are looking at flexitime that is what we will show you, if you are looking to prioritise on absenteeism that is what we will show you.

If you invite us on-site, we will bring along a small projector and screen so you and colleagues can share the experience in comfort.


We never implement without first carrying out a detailed Scoping Exercise.  This is where we come on-site and go through your business rules and requirements in detail.  This usually means engaging with several people, such as IT, payroll, finance, HR and operations.

From this we create the Scoping Document, which defines all deliverables. Once signed off, we plan the hardware and software implementation and come on-site to install these.

As part of the software implementation we will transfer set-up data that you have prepared to save you having to manually enter employees, cost centres and the like.  The format of this data will have been defined in the Scoping Document.

Once everything has been installed and tested, our trainer will come on-site to deliver your training. In doing so, he will reference the Scoping Document so the training focusses on those aspects that are most important.  At an agreed time after the training, we will share a dial-in session and answer any questions that have arisen since the training.


All support is from our UK offices and starts just as soon as your system is installed.  We are here to answer any kind of question regarding your use of Captureit, plus advise on IT related matters.  Fundamental to our support is remote access, where you allow us to view your screen as you explain the support issue and we advise its resolution.  This is sometimes not related to a problem, but simply, “How do I do this?”, which is just fine.

As part of our support service you receive software updates, enhancements and access to the Technical Consultant who carried out the Scoping and software installation, as well as the engineer who installed the hardware.


We further differentiate ourselves from many other suppliers by providing customisation that allows us to add bespoke rules and reports in line with your specific requirements. Adding these rules does not affect the core software, meaning that you are not restricted in enjoying future product updates.


We will be transparent in covering costs and provide you with options to chose from.  We will not inflate the price to then appear to offer a discount.  Our prices are our prices.


The above approach works.  It leaves nothing to chance and results in ‘delivery’ matching your ‘expectation’.  You will be using Captureit for many years, so getting it right from the outset is the only way to work.


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