JML Group

JML are well known for their shopping channel (Sky 651) and excellent website. Their London HQ was relocating and, as part of this move, it was decided to help their 70 staff by introducing flexitime.

“JML’s move from our North London offices to new premises in Chiswick was always going to be a challenge for our workforce.  To help address this we decided to move away from our fixed hours contracts to more flexible working for our employees.

Making sure that we made this change work for employees, the company and our customers was vitally important.  In working with Vizual we found a valuable business partner, who helped guide us as to best practice and potential pitfalls and even provided us with examples of policies that were proven successes with other companies. The outcome has been excellent.  We have a policy that we know will work for all parties – a first-rate result.”

Jane Gill, Group Head of HR, JML Group


Scanstone began using Captureit in 2015. They wanted to quickly understand job costs for work carried out on new and refurbished agricultural equipment. One clocking terminal and two dedicated job costing terminals were installed.

“Scanstone is a small company of less than 30 employees providing new and refurbished agricultural equipment.  A vital aspect of our profitability is being able to accurately monitor our job costs in taking on projects.

Prior to installing Captureit from Vizual, this was a paper-based exercise that was difficult to manage, always retrospective, at risk of error and always a chore for our workforce.

All this has changed.  Our labour costs are now always up-to-date, variances to budgets are identified in ‘real-time’, and quotations for new work now reflect known past performance.

The team at Vizual has been exemplary in providing sound advice and outstanding customer support.  As a small business, our investment in Captureit was considered very carefully, but has been proven to be worth every penny and more.” 

William Skea, Manager, Scanstone

White Horse Plastics

White Horse Plastics are injection moulding specialists. They use one biometric hand terminal to remove the need for employees to carry cards or key fobs.

“White Horse Plastics had in place a very old time and attendance system, so explored the marketplace during late 2014 for an updated and easy-to-use system for our 50 plus employees.  It was important that the system we chose could grow with us, eliminating the need for further change.

Having looked at three alternatives, although marginally more expensive, Vizual was chosen and installed after a very productive pre-installation scoping day, during which they guided us, very professionally, and made sure everything was documented prior to being signed off in early 2015.

The main drivers were the flexibility to link with our payroll software (Sage) for automatic downloads, thereby removing the need for additional keying, ease-of-use for our staff and the ability for our managers to maintain holidays, peer groups, etc.

When it came to our bespoke programming requirements, Vizual’s down to earth ‘can do’ attitude was so professional and it was a joy to sit down and go through these requirements, with nothing, however small, being a problem for them to deal with.

The installation was trouble free and support, if required, second to none.  We are sure that they are a company we can trust and continue to deal with as experts in their field for many years.

To sum up – a very proactive company who we are more than pleased to be working with.  We are so glad we made the change and built this new relationship.”

Geoff Wood, Financial Controller, White Horse Plastics Ltd

FCS Lasermail

FCS Lasermail provide fast turnaround print and mailing services. Working across two sites, they operate multiple shifts over a 20 hour working day, including employees working on zero hours contracts. Four biometric hand scanners were installed, all networked back to HQ.  They also use mobile clocking for 15 remote workers.

“We found ourselves with a decision to make – either upgrade our existing, but aging, T & A system or invest in the more costly option of a new system and a new relationship.

We chose the latter and what a good decision this was.

With over 100 employees across two locations it was essential that our requirements were fully understood and that the transition from our old system went smoothly.  Vizual guided us throughout the process, both commercially and technically, and made sure everything was fully documented and signed off before moving to the implementation phase.

From their early engagement at the sales stage through to the diligence of their pre-installation scoping and planning, everything was handled professionally and with integrity.  We pushed hard for an early implementation and their team pulled out all the stops to make sure we achieved this.

Our staff find the system really easy-to-use and the decision to delegate day-to-day control to line managers has improved the quality of data, which in turn means that we now spend far less time on administration and in preparing data for our payroll.

Vizual’s after-sales support and ongoing advice has been excellent.  We are so pleased to be working with a company we can trust and who are clearly experts in their field.”

Steve Beeching, Director, FCS LaserMail Ltd.


Cembre Ltd

Cembre Limited is an excellent example of a customer successfully investing for growth. Their workforce has more than trebled to 100+ since installing Captureit in 2011.  Expansion of their system has included installation of access control across eight units.

“We initially moved to the Captureit software in 2011 as we were looking for a more controlled, reliable and efficient approach to recording and reporting daily working hours, overtime and annual leave.  At the time of the initial installation we had approximately 30 personnel and had two clocking terminals installed in two separate buildings.

We worked very closely with the technicians to collate and amalgamate spread sheet data onto the Captureit software and build the base platform for us to be able to grow in line with our business expansion plans.

We now have 3 proximity clocking terminals across 3 buildings. Recently we have also added the option of access control to the software and all pedestrian and roller doors throughout the business have had scanners installed, which not only allows us to monitor entrance and exit to buildings but to manage restricted areas by allowing or denying access via the Captureit software.

The software and hardware have always been reliable. We are continually expanding the recording and reporting from Captureit and when assistance has been required the support from the Vizual help desk via telephone or Email has always been immediate and concise with its resolution. With our expansion into a new additional building during this year, we are planning to install further clocking terminals and scanners, and continuing to expand the use of the software.”

Operations Director, Cembre Ltd.

YTM Group

YTM Group is a complex business in terms of their need to accurately capture job labour costs across a large number of jobs. The objective was to relieve the burden of employees completing manual time sheets and its associated administration.

“YTM is a small company with a turnover of £10m employing 130 people supplying contract furniture into Care homes and hotels.  We manufacture on two sites in West Yorkshire and install our furniture nationally.We purchased Vizual in 2015 after requiring a system to capture labour costs on all projects we undertake. We previously had a T&A System but this did not capture the labour time taken on each process of manufacture and for each job that we undertook.

We reviewed the market for the relevant hardware and software to enable us to capture the time and cost of labour employed on each job (and an additional T&A system).  In terms of value for money we found Vizual to be the best and it was clearly a tried and tested system with a few years in the marketplace.

We had been offered much more expensive systems that seemed to offer little more than better graphics. 

We also needed a system that would directly talk to SAGE200 Job Costing, so we could upload the job details and then download the captured labour data. Vizual worked very well with our SAGE provider to come up with an automated system that worked well.  

The implementation went well with a very knowledgeable and helpful support staff.   We have found their support to be invaluable going forward, with any issues that have cropped up, as we use and maintain the system.

We are now rolling the system out to our field engineers and fitters for them to capture their time on jobs using mobile phones.

In summary, we have found the system to be best value for money, when compared to some of the more expensive software and hardware in the market and it does what it has promised to do.” 

Glyn Charles, Finance Director, YTM Group

Everton FC

Everton FC are amongst a number of football clubs using Captureit, showing how flexible Captureit really is. The initial requirement was to help their payroll process by recording the times that their 400 match day stewards worked. This now takes a fraction of the time that it used to.  They use four biometric finger scanners.

“We do not contact Vizual often, because the system works.  However, this year we were given notice by HRMC of a Minimum Wage Audit, which prompted us to check our policies and procedures. Our policy is to pay our 400 stewards a fixed match fee, based on the hours expected for them to fulfil their duties.  However, we realised that some stewards sometimes worked beyond the hours required of them, and as such, were at risk of earning at a rate less than the minimum wage.

With ten days to the audit, we asked Vizual to visit us to help ensure that we were compliant. Their response was terrific. They identified our areas of risk and, prior to the audit, made software and reporting changes that now allow us to identify situations where we might be at risk of being non-compliant.

Whilst this action may have been prompted by the audit, we are delighted that we can now easily identify employee’s working ‘beyond the call of duty’ and reward them appropriately.”

Dave Lewis, Head of Security and Stadium Safety, Everton F.C.



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