Clocking Options

A wide range of clocking options are available - including Web based, proximity, biometric and software-based solutions. There is an option to suit your environment.

Web based Clocking

Web Clocking/Timesheet Submission

Web based clocking is an excellent and flexible solution for home workers, remote workers, onsite workers and for the office environment.

  • Simple to use.
  • Variety of solutions available to suit different users.
  • Real time clocking / timesheet options.
  • Flexitime clocking/balance enquiry/flexi-leave booking supported.
  • Job/Project time booking supported – perfect for on-site workers.
  • Option to support Geolocation for on-site workers.
  • Low deployment time/costs.
  • Internet or Intranet based.
  • Works on Phone, Tablet, PC or Mac.
  • Can be deployed as an Employee Portal integrating Absence Request Self Service.
Finger Scanner

Biometric Finger Scanner

The Biometric Finger Scanner is an excellent, cost-effective clocking terminal that is secure and reliable in recording employee attendance. Features of the Biometric Finger Scanner include:

  • Simple to use.
  • Eliminates buddy clocking. Biometrics makes it impossible for staff to clock in for their colleagues.
  • Unique process for reading fingerprints which does not store any fingerprint images.
  • No Human Rights issues. Due to the way the finger scanner works, there are no images or identifiable information stored on the terminal.
  • Can also be used with proximity tags or swipe cards.
  • Available as an Online, or Offline terminal.
Proximity Clocking

Proximity Clocking

The proximity terminal is a very popular option, unmatched in terms of speed and ease of use. The versatile proximity terminal boasts the following features:

  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Can be used with key fobs which are unobtrusive and easily kept on key-rings with house or car keys, etc.
  • Can be used with swipe cards which can also be printed and used as ID Cards or name-tags. Cards can also be kept in a traditional clocking rack.
  • Available as an Online, or Offline terminal.
  • Compatible with our Access Control terminals.
  • Also compatible with many access control systems – meaning you could use your current cards or tags.
Mobile Clocking

Mobile Clocking

The Mobile Clocking Utility (MCU) is ideal for employees who work off-site. The system is web-based and allows employees to register their attendance from any internet enabled device. When used with Captureit’s GeoLocation feature, every clocking made by an employee on the MCU provides an update on their location, so you can keep track of where your employees are at all times.

Mobile clocking can be used for clocking in and out and to lunch, but also boasts several other more specific tasks, such as “travelling.”

You can also use the MCU to clock to Jobs if you are using the Captureit Job Costing Module.

PC Clocking

PC Clocking

PC Clocking is ideal for office work spaces and staff who work from home. There is a user-friendly interface that allows your staff to perform a range of functions, such as clocking in/out, booking breaks and booking to lunch. They can also review personal data, such as flexi-time balance and current holidays.

PC Clocking provides the option to allow employees to view the current statuses of other employees. For example, “In a Meeting” “Out to Lunch” “Engaged” and so on.

Your staff can also use PC Clocking to clock onto jobs when using it with the Captureit Job Costing Module.

Although typically, PC Clocking is used for individual employees, it is possible for multiple employees to “share” the use of one PC for making clockings.