Job Costing

Jobs can be broken down into their constituent operations, each of which can have its own time and cost budget. Over budget situations will be reported to you automatically by email.

Many employees can book to the same job/operation at the same time. Employees can also book to non-productive activities, such as downtime, waiting for work and the like – the objective here is to ensure you have full visibility on how paid time has been spent in honing efficiency.


Automated Timesheets

Manual timesheets become a thing of the past. Instead employees simply scan a barcode as they move between jobs/operations. This takes seconds and removes the later need to analyse manual timesheets; a task that is often labour intensive and retrospective.


Activity Based Costing

Many customers do not require employees to book to individual jobs/works orders, but they do have the need to understand costs by activity or work area. This might be a packing line, work cell or a particular activity. This is straightforward, easy to use and removes the need for employees to complete any paperwork.


ERP Integration

If you already use an ERP or works order system then great! We can provide an interface that avoids the need for you to set up jobs in Captureit, hence avoiding the need for double-entry. The interface will also take time and costs from Captureit and return these to your ERP system so these can be consolidated.


Non-Productive Time

Finally, an important feature that often results in your Captureit system ‘paying for itself’, is the ability to reduce “non-productive time”, especially at the start of the day when employees are being paid but have not actually begun work on a job or activity. This time might well be legitimate, but more often than not it is simply stolen time. Captureit will highlight this. Employees are also able to book to non-productive events during the day, so that all non-productive activity can be understood.


Captureit provides you with a first-rate Job Labour Costing solution.

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