Job Costing

If you wish to record the time spent by employees on individual jobs/orders then the Captureit Job Costing module is for you.

This powerful software helps you to understand job labour costs and delivers certainty to your costing process.

Captureit is a powerful system designed to help you maximise profit by basing new cost estimates on the knowledge of past performance. Monitoring individual employee productivity helps businesses to get the very best return on their labour investment.

Captureit can help you deliver certainty to your job costing process by providing accurate labour costs for every job.

You can use this software to record the time that employees spend on individual jobs each day. Actual versus budget values for every operation let you quickly identify items for investigation.




Job Costing Features

  • Email alerts keep you informed of any over budget situation giving you the chance to act – quickly. Likewise, Captureit can inform your managers, by email, of any employees that are not currently booked to a job.
  • An employee can book to any number of jobs during the day – there is no limit. This gives you complete visibility to both time and cost of every activity the employee undertakes while they are at work.
  • All job clockings are subject to real-time data validation. This means that it is not possible for an employee to book to an invalid or completed job or sequence.
  • You can use both numeric job numbers and alphanumeric job codes.
  • We provide comprehensive reports to give you a complete picture of overall productivity.





Job Templates

If you have many jobs that are similar or repeated often then you can set up job templates. When you have created these job templates then you can simply copy them to create new jobs. You can make any necessary changes to the copied job such as start and end dates, customer details, job code etc. It’s not only time saving but above all reduces the chance of keying errors.

ERP Integration

We can integrate into most common MRP/ERP systems, and the time spent on jobs can be passed back into your main system should you require. This gives you the option of not duplicating jobs and reducing keying errors.

One of our experienced consultants would spend time with you to detail your requirements and check the feasibility of the link. Why not ask us about this?

Non-Productive Time

Clearly identify unproductive time, such as downtime, waiting for work and machine breakdown, ready for corrective action.

Recovering just a few minutes each day of non-productive time from each employee can make significant cost savings. For example, in a workforce of 30 employees, the loss of just five minutes per day for each employee would equate to around £12,000 per year.




Shop Floor Data Capture

Capturing Job Data could not be easier, with the choice of either low cost job costing terminals, standard on-line proximity terminals, mobile phones or pc’s!

Our data collection terminals support the addition of a barcode reader, making the process of job allocation fast and efficient. The Job Costing terminal is a great solution for all labour costing and shop floor data capture requirements. It is ideal for use where a large number of terminals may be required. The terminal can be laid flat on a bench or wall mounted. This makes it an ideal production costing system for manufacturing and engineering environments.

We can install Job Costing terminals at locations around your workplace. Most of our customers use Captureit’s built in job sheet function to produce a barcode job sheet. Each barcode is a composite value that includes both job and operation numbers. Once printed,  the job sheets are typically laminated and placed near the terminal.

Employees simply key in or scan the job number or barcode to select a job and move between jobs and operations. When moving from one job to the next your employees’ do not need to book themselves off the previous job.

Scanning the barcode for the new job will automatically stop recording time against the previous job and start allocating it to the new one. To help ensure data integrity, all job and operation codes are verified in real time. This means that employees can never book to invalid or closed jobs.


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