Access Control

Protect employees, equipment and property, by restricting access to key areas, reducing risk and preventing business disruption with Captureit Access control.

The way you want it

The way you want it

Access Control is built into Captureit as a standard feature and allows employees to use the same proximity cards/fobs as they do for clocking in and out. Made to work with a wide range of lock types the system can be configured to work as one-way access control, two-way access control and whether it needs to be “fail safe” or “fail secure” in the event of power loss.

Non-Productive Time

Full Control

The door access system can be configured at an individual and group level with specific access rights. You can restrict which areas employees are allowed to access, as well as the times of day. For example, access to a smoking area could be limited to break times, or the main company entrance could be restricted during twilight hours.

Record and Review

Record and Review

Employees gain access using either a key fob or proximity card. Every instance of access is recorded against that employee. This is especially useful when it comes to identifying late employees who choose to ‘forget to clock in’ when trying to disguise the fact they were late. This is also useful when employees arrive on time, but genuinely forget to clock in.


Not just for doors

Captureit access control also works well with turnstiles and traffic barriers. If you currently have one installed or will be installing one at the same time as our access control, we will work closely with your supplier to ensure your installation is professionally handled and integrated properly.

To help keep costs down, the system works over your existing Ethernet network. There are options to provide battery back-ups so that doors continue to operate normally in the event of power loss.

We can also configure our clocking terminals to work with some of the leading access control systems so that you only require one fob or card.