Absence Management

One of the most important aspects of any well-run business is managing and reducing the cost and disruption caused by employee absence, especially when it is unplanned and random.

Attendance Calendars

Attendance Calendars

In Captureit, each employee has their own Attendance Calendar, which is colour-coded for easy reading. The calendar can be filtered by holidays, sicknesses and lateness, making it easy to spot absence trends. All days can include notes, so that reasons for absence can be recorded.

Whilst the most common absence types are included as standard, you can create new types as required, with popular examples being training courses, medical appointments, maternity and compassionate leave. Bookings can be made historically and into the future.


Analyse and Review

When viewing the calendar, there are options to view each employee’s calendar on a ‘Jan – Dec’, ‘Holiday Year’ or ‘Rolling 12 Month’ basis. Data can be kept for a number of years so you can look back at an employee’s absence and attendance record for any period. This can be especially useful when carrying out appraisals.

In addition to managing holidays and absence for individuals, Captureit also includes a Departmental Calendar. This shows the attendance and other bookings for all employees in the selected Cost Centre, Department or the entire Company!


Automatic Alerts

Captureit is capable of alerting you to all sorts of events, including Lateness, an employee returning to work from being sick, Overtime yet to be authorised, and many more. These alerts can be sent by email, and an Administrator is able to see a report of all outstanding alerts yet to be dealt with.

Captureit can also check and alert you to peer group shortages when booking a holiday. If you will not have enough first aiders, fire marshals, drivers, or any other type of skill/responsibility by booking a holiday for an employee, Captureit will warn you of this.

Built-in Bradford Factor

Keeping track of employee absence is one of the most important aspects of time and attendance. Captureit comes with the Braford Factor built in. The Braford Factor is a proven method of measuring employee absence and spotting troublesome absence behaviour before it can get out of hand.