Bradford Factor

Captureit is one of the few systems that includes the Bradford Factor; a proven method of measuring and reducing absenteeism.

Tracking Absences

Tracking Absences

The Bradford Factor is a scoring system designed to help measure the impact of absenteeism on a business. The disruption caused by frequent, short term absences is often far greater than that caused by occasional long term absences.

Automated Accuracy

Automated Accuracy

The Bradford Factor calculation is usually based on a set period which could be 52 weeks or a rolling 365 days calculation, and so the score may well change from day-to-day, as old absences ‘drop off’ and new ones are added. This makes the calculation time-consuming when performed manually. However, Captureit takes care of this automatically for you and maintains accurate scores at all times.


Review, Report, React

A standard report in Captureit provide instant scores for all employees. This report can be colour coded to reflect various score thresholds that might represent different levels of disciplinary action. Using Captureit’s inbuilt email feature, you can be automatically notified when an employee returns from absence or sickness, so that a prompt follow-up can take place.


How the Bradford Factor Works

The score takes into account the number of days lost due to absenteeism and the number of separate instances on which the employee has been absent. For example, an employee who is sick for three consecutive (working) days would count as one instance. An employee who is sick for a single day would also count as one instance.

An employee’s Bradford Score is calculated as shown in the picture:

Instances x Instances x Total Days Absent = Bradford Factor

The Bradford Factor makes spotting troublesome absenteeism easy. In the picture, you can see Employee A only has a Braford Score of 10, whereas Employee D has a score of 1,000. This shows that Employee D is a much bigger problem for your business than Employee A.