Fire Roll Call

The Captureit Fire Roll Call is a great health and safety feature that assists companies with their Duty of Care towards their employees. It also proves that you are serious about complying with the Fire Safety Order.

How it works

How the Fire Register Works

A comprehensive Fire Roll Call (often also called a Fire Register) is built into Captureit as standard. It shows all employees who are clocked in and their current on/off site status. If you have a suitable fire panel and are using our on-line terminals they can be connected and the fire roll call will then print off automatically in the event the fire alarm is triggered. If you do not have a fire panel, then it is simply a case of entering ‘999’ at the terminals, or clicking a desktop PC icon.


Paper & Digital Registers

The Fire Roll Call prints instantly and can be directed to any number of printers which the fire marshals can then collect on their way out of the building. We recommend that you set up the roll call to print on multiple printers around the premises, making it a certainty that copies will always be available.


Specialised Fire Roll Call

For businesses with multiple sites or buildings, or those wanting a paperless solution, our Enhanced Fire Roll Call can detect which site has triggered the alarm and produce a roll call for that location alone. This can be printed in that location and emailed to addresses specific to that location.

The email includes a list with check boxes against each name such that the fire marshal (using phone or tablet) can ‘tick off’ names as they respond. If deployed to email alone this results in an environmentally friendly paperless solution.


Clocking Off-Site

Employees leaving site on company business during the working day can quickly make your fire list worthless, unless the fact they are not on site is recorded.

If employees simply clocked out and then back in again you would need to amend their total attended time for the day to account for the missing time.

Our most popular terminals can be configured to have a simple ‘off/on-site’ button that the employee can use to indicate that they are leaving site (but still paid), and when they return, thus leading to accurate attendance details for payment and accurate on-site status for health and safety – an effective proven solution.