Link to Payroll

Captureit takes away the pain and stress of payroll by reducing the time needed to establish times, amounts to be paid, and providing the option to automatically transfer this information directly into your payroll.


Making Payroll Easy

Captureit helps reduce payroll processing costs. This is achieved by dramatically reducing the time taken to establish the hours that should be paid, and then by providing an electronic transfer of those hours into your chosen payroll.


The Paylink

The Captureit PayLink removes the need for manual entry, making the process far quicker, whilst removing the risk of keying errors.

PayLink transfers employee attendance data into the UK’s most popular payroll packages, notably Sage, Iris, Earnie and Pegasus Opera. Options also exist for other payrolls, whereby the electronic transfer is via CSV files. In all cases, the process is fast and error free.

You can confirm the data the Paylink will transfer via Pay Reports that are provided with Captureit. All reports are available in either hours decimal or hours/minutes formats.